Pronounce the name Carmen indicates designation of passion: it cames true at the time of publication of the eponymous novel written by Prosper Mérimé in 1845. The experienced choreographer Mário Radačovský according his large register leads DJKT ballet company to a rousing imagination of self-destructive love and leaves his dance paintings infuse by uncontrollable force of elemental passions. Carmen personified "the love transposed back to the nature... innocent love, cynical and cruel" as expressed by Friedrich Nietzsche. Captivating music of George Bizet inspired a number of choreographers to transpose it into the dance drama. Extremely successful was the concept of Roland Petit from 1949, featured in many cities in Europe and America. Breathtaking and in many ways shocking was the productions of Carmen created by Cuban choreographer Alberto Alonso at the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow in the year 1967th

About the company

The Repertory of the ballet company has been for a long time formed by efforts to represent the role of a graet regional theater. The dramaturgy of ballet in recent years brings titles, which on Pilsens stage represent a novelty or Czech or even a world premiere staging. Pilsen ballet maintains its position in the national representation of dance art. Systematic teaching and artistic management of the company gives the soloists the opportunity to achieve prices, but also an opportunity for creation of the original performances.




Theatre J. K. Tyla / Divadlo J. K. tyla

Czech title


Names of authors

Georges Bizet - Rodion Shchedrin

Name of director or choreographer

Mário Radačovský

Length of the performance

110 minutes

Number of travelling persons


Contact person

Jiří Pokorný