Some people are blessed with beauty, charm and radiance that life, fate or perhaps God bestowed upon them. So equipped, these people oftentimes influence and control our taste. Those with less gracious fate, on the other hand, have become the freaks of nature that must struggle to earn our respect. Some die in their sadness or take their life away. Others, however, decide to challenge their fate and they succeed in gaining respect and admiration. They are ugly and sometimes even monstrous. Children are afraid of them and adults avoid them. It is easy to recognize their weak points because they can’t be hidden and they must carry them forever. They irritate us with their monstrosity and difference. We don’t want to see them and yet, when face to face with them, we can’t take our eyes away from them. They provoke our senses; they take away our calm and illusion that the world is beautiful because they remind us that despair and weakness exist in it too. We are afraid of them, which is perhaps why we also hurt them, although we enjoy being moved by their fate...This evening is dedicated to them.

About the company

The theatre of Forman brothers... is a living community without a permanent stage and a complete ensemble, a community tied together by a close view of work and of style of living too. A community of theatrical nomads who relish the charm of journey and travels. Motion, playing, meeting and independence bring them to settings that are often untheatrical but provoking by their atmosphere, history, inner strength. A new team is assembled for every project and each time it creates a slightly different, original charge, its own atmosphere which is necessary for finding the appropriate dramatic form. Wandering around Europe is beautiful but sometimes water in the basin is frozen, it is raining during the build-ing and the van breaks down. It is not enough to create and to play, it is also necessary to produce, build, pull down, manage and get on well with other people. Such involvement does not suit everyone and so people are coming and going while the caravan keeps moving on.




Theatre of Forman Brothers / Divadlo bratří Formanů

Czech title


Names of authors

Ivan Arsenjev, Veronika Švábová, Petr Forman

Name of director or choreographer

Petr Forman, Veronika Švábová and company

Length of the performance

120 minutes

Number of travelling persons





Children , Adult

Scale of venue


Contact person

Klára Doubravová