Moving Pictures

What happens in the field, on the sea, in the sky?
Who moves with the stars, who with the sun?
How are butterflies born?
Where do birds come from?
And where do we all fly away?
A small adventure between the ground and the sky.

Hana Voříšková is an artist who paints and daws and decided to put her pictures in motion and perform them as dramatic short stories. Her redivivus pictures float in the stream of music that Helena and Jiří Vedrals create in front of the audience to illustrate and gently motivate scenes.

About he company

Hana Voříšková is a creative artist, occasional puppeteer, chief of her theatre and song machine, and a creative arts teacher. On weekends and holidays she travels with her small and tiny theatres, most of which are intended for small venues and small audiences - the smallest ones are for just one spectator.

Helena and Jiří Vedral are experienced classical, folk, jazz and rock musicians. Since 1992 they have focused on Bohemian and Moravian folklore, in recent years on songs from Asia and music for the stage, and their latest project is MUZIGA, a band that mainly plays folk songs from Wallachia in Moravia.





Hana Voříšková and MUZIGA

Czech title

Pohyblivé obrázky

Names of authors

Hana Voříšková and MUZIGA

Name of director or choreographer

Hana Voříšková and MUZIGA

Length of the performance

45 minutes

Number of travelling persons



No language barrier



Scale of venue


Contact person

Helena Vedralová