The Jungle Book

An experimental production for the whole family offers a fascinating fine art experience.

It won the prestigious Alfréd Radok Prize for setting and three honours at the Liberec children‘s theatre festival Mateřinka.

When very young, he was taken away by a summer flood. Where has he landed? Lost and alone? Oh, who cries there? There‘s a nest high up the tree, there‘s a snake sneaking to eat the tailor-birds‘ young! Enter mongoose! He fights the wicked serpent, he saves the helpless fledgelings! But who slithers here? Oh no, it‘s the serpent‘s wife!

Hark to the song of the mongoose Rikki, who beat the evil serpent and his wife!

About the company

The Minor theatre has been for years linked mainly with puppet and children's theatre. Since 2001 a lot of important changes took place, especially in connection with the acquisition of a new modern building inVodičkova Street. For this building the theatre received the prestigious The Building of the Year 2002 award, and City of PragueMayor’s Prize for the creation of a unique space for children’s cultural activities. At the present the theatre attempts to perform not only for children, but to attract adults as well, and so the whole family.




The Minor Theatre / Divadlo Minor

Czech title

Z knihy džunglí

Names of authors

Rudyard Kipling, Jiří Adámek

Name of director or choreographer

Jiří Adámek

Length of the performance

50 minutes

Number of travelling persons


Awards and special mentions

Author of Art Design Christine Täubelová won the Alfred Radok Award for 2007. At the 24th International Festival of Puppet Art in Bielsko-Biala in Poland this play won the grand prize. At the 19th annual of festival Mateřinka 2007 (Liberec) this production won three awards, for Best Director prize for Jiri Adámek, for the Art Direction to Christina Täubelová and also this year first awarded Honourable Mention for Best Production category for children 5-7 years old.


Czech , English , Polish , German , Slovak



Scale of venue


Contact person

Kateřina Hakenová