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Swedes gave the world the Nobel Prize, the Vikings, Ingrid and Ingmar Bergman, Ingemar Stenmark, Zlatan Ibrahimović, Abba, Ikea, H & M, the blue-yellow colour combination, a complex language, and Pippi Longstocking ... Following suggestions for a puppet show based on the  well-known novel by Astrid Lindgren Children from Bullerbyn, a performance was created  to express a little Slovenian-Czech gratitude to the Swedes. If Pippi Longstocking evokes associations with childhood, a cup of cocoa before bedtime, children's desire for power, independence, hidden treasures and eternal friendship, thenBack to Bullerbyn asks what to do with an idyllic childhood when a person grows up.

About the company

Theatre Športniki was founded in January 2011 inMaribor. The company is made up of the best sportsmen among puppeteers and the best puppeteers among sportsmen. They follow the rule that sport is theatre and theatre is sport. They moreover got their own way inSlovenia, where the government put culture under the Department of Sport. The company is made up of graduates from theAcademyofPerforming ArtsinPragueand the Electrotechnical Faculty at theUniversityofLjubljana.





Theatre Športniki

Czech title

Back to Bullerbyn

Names of authors

Tomáš Jarkovský

Name of director or choreographer

Jakub Vašíček

Length of the performance

60 minutes

Number of travelling persons


Awards and special mentions

Erik 2012 (best puppet show of the year); Award of the Skupa´s Pilsen festival, 2012 (outstanding production)


Czech , Subtitles available



Scale of venue


Contact person

Johana Vaňousová