The Pope Joan

German composer and scriptwriter Dennis Martin has taken bestselling American author Donna W. Cross’s Pope Joan and created a musical which tells an almost unbelievable story – the legend of a woman who, in the middle of the 9th century, came to sit upon the papal throne. Although the Catholic Church in the Middle Ages tried to destroy all evidence of this story and to present it as a fantasy typical of those times, it still isn’t certain whether or not she really did exist as a historic figure. It’s an unusual story full of mystery, passion, the desire for education and also self-sacrifice.

About the company

Brno City Theatre has so attracted theatre-goers that its performances have been permanently sold out since the year 1995, and on top of that, the company stages about 150 performances abroad every year. Perhaps the reasons for this are the high production quality of every performance and the theatre’s unique repertoire, which mainly presents original works that cannot be seen anywhere else. Both of the company’s venues fully meet all the current technical requirements of modern theatres.




Brno City Theatre / Městské divadlo Brno

Czech title


Names of authors

Dennis Martin

Name of director or choreographer

Stanislav Moša

Length of the performance

195 minutes

Number of travelling persons



German , Czech



Scale of venue


Contact person

Zdeněk Helbich