Walser the Aide

The production is based on the synthesis of Robert Walser's works, their interpretation, and Gert Hofmann's novel The Departure of the Poet Robert Walser from Literary Society. Robert Walser was a genius literary outsider. His bewildered soul and quite a distinguishable view on the world around him are reflected in his works. The production itself is works on two levels, one is comprised of a dialogue with a merchant, who invites Walser to a present his own work in a public reading. The other level stems directly from Walser's works. The storyline is deceptively simple, tranquil and gentle at first, yet one can find ubiquitous issues of the complexity of human life, of the impossibility to achieve the ideal, or of the evil that is rooted in stupidity.

About the company

Studio Hrdinů Theatre
Founded in autumn 2012 in a basement space in the Veletržní Palace Modern Art Gallery. The theatre focuses on auteur-style, directorial projects with an emphasis on cooperation between Czech and foreign theatre artists and on work that crosses boundaries of genre and field. In formal terms, Studio Hrdinů's productions are drama with an accent on the experimental and visual art side.




Studio Hrdinů Theatre

Czech title

Pomocník Walser

Names of authors

Lucie Trmíková / Gert Hofmann, Robert Walser

Name of director or choreographer

Jan Nebeský

Length of the performance

90 minutes

Number of travelling persons



Subtitles available , Czech



Scale of venue


Contact person

Klára Mišunová