Ich Bin Solo

"Room Opera beautiful friendship between pair exceptional people, which measures the coincidence, perhaps a chance he will meet with his God in heaven. To understand the current production, what is really happening in their lives. This is not the ability to communicate, share feelings and weights initiate material needs, hard to understand. Joy experiment combines elements of classic television entertainment, theater, dance, installation art, haute couture, multimedia and choral compositions. Or serve with sausage."

Ich Bin Solo is the first instalment of the DIY cycle. This authorial monodrama is based, in terms of genre, on traditional opera and féerie. Within the framework of an almost fairy-tale story of a friendship between a dolphin and a dog it comments on the themes of tolerance and otherness. Its deliberate accumulation of clichés, awkwardness, kitch and absurdity turns this, at first sight delightful, piece of musical theatre into a humorous, yet cruel and acerbic account of interpersonal relationships and sexuality.

Premiere: 15 August 2015, UmUm Festival, Slovakia
Czech Premiere: 22 October 2015, Industra Stage, Brno

About the company

D’EPOG is a platform for contemporary experimental stage work. The work of D’EPOG Theatre places a strong emphasis on the role of the viewer, the degree of his/her freedom of interpretation and his/her participation on shaping the meaning of each performance. Ensemble consistently develops the so-called “dramaturgy of space.” In order to push the boundaries of viewer’s perception it deliberately experiments with various models of organizing stage space – particularly through auditorium/stage dynamics. D’EPOG sets its projects in non-theatrical urban spaces which provide the plays’ thematic, ideological and conceptual resource.

In terms of genre, the output of D’EPOG skirts the line between drama, physical theatre, performance art and multimedia. Apart from its work for the stage, research into performative expressivity plays an important role in the company’s activities. A noteworthy feature of D’EPOG’s laboratorial pursuits are workshops focused on developing acting skills, “action montage” and work with energy.

In 2011 D’EPOG Theatre was awarded an accolade of the ...přiští vlna/next wave... Festival for “outstanding experimental authorial work on the borderline between drama and physical theatre.” The actress Julie Goetzová was nominated for the Talent of the Year Afréd Radok Award for her performance in the diptych of monodramas ŽENA OBJEKT/ ŽENA SUBJEKT (Heteronym Nin - Display Pastrana). The ŽENA OBJEKT/ ŽENA SUBJEKT Project (Heteronym Nin - Display Pastrana) and the production of Ninivea were also nominated for the best play honour in the poll of Divadelní Noviny (an influential Czech dramatic arts biweekly).

D’EPOG Theatre consists of: Lucia Repašská (artistic head, director), Matyáš Dlab(dramaturg) Radim Brychta, Zdeněk Polák, Janet Prokešová, Zuzana Smutková(performers)




D’EPOG (D’epog Theatre)

Czech title

Ich Bin Solo

Names of authors

Lucia Repašská, Zdeněk Polák, Alexandra Cihanská-Machová, Lucie Sedláková

Name of director or choreographer

Lucia Repašská

Length of the performance

50 minutes

Number of travelling persons




Scale of venue


Contact person

Lucia Repašská,