The production is a free adaptation of the Buñuel style rooted in surrealism. Although the production’s title refers to a specific film, the result is a hotchpotch of the motifs and themes that fascinated and attracted Buñuel. Despite his fondness for everything inexplicable, however, Buñuel situates his fantasy against the backdrop of real situations.  It is the contrast between the world as we know it and a world whose mysterious laws we have yet to discover that creates the specific atmosphere in Buñuel’s works. His mystifications, including playing a game with spectators and a desire to surprise them, force them to see themselves from a different angle than what they are used to. The audience at his films can be likened to the company in the film The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie, which sits down to a feast without suspecting that it is on the stage of a theatre.

About the company

The 2013/14 season opens under new management, a new creative team: Petr Štědroň has the new head of the theatre, and its artistic director is Dora Viceníková and its main director is Jan Mikulášek. This team cultivates a poetics of staging work based on texts not originally intended for the stage, seeking out themes rather than stories, and exploring the possibilities of theatre expression. 




Theatre on the Balustrade / Divadlo Na zábradlí

Czech title


Names of authors

Jan Mikulášek, Dora Viceníková

Name of director or choreographer

Jan Mikulášek

Length of the performance

80 minutes

Number of travelling persons






Scale of venue


Contact person

Alexandra Poláková