The Theatre

A game for actors and spectators that overpowers its own players, a game that no one can escape. A company of comedians continuously reperforms one play – the resurrection of a bull. Farm in the Cave's performance within a performance is a black mass, a blending of those who receive and those who give. The multifaceted theatrical composition is inspired by the rhythms and dance steps of Brazilian slaves. The theatre can become a search for human freedom within social systems. Freedom can become theatre. For whom and for what do we play?

About the company

Farm in the Cave is an international theatre studio focused on the creation, development and research of human expression. It is defined by the relations between I-you, body-voice, culture-nature, public-intimacy, and research-creation. It looks for a bodily articulation of that which cannot be expressed in words or any other medium. The studio started to form in 2001, the title Farma v jeskyni (Farm in the Cave) is a literal translation of the Arabic word daimuz, which was the name of Frederico García Lorca’s family farm.




Farm in the cave / Farma v jeskyni

Czech title


Name of director or choreographer

Viliam Dočolomanský

Length of the performance

75 minutes

Number of travelling persons


Awards and special mentions

The director Viliam Dočolomanský won the 12th Europe Prize New Theatrical Realities, 2011


No language barrier



Scale of venue


Contact person

Myung Joo Chung