The Mute

Every day I meet same shadows; in vain I disperse the darkness.

A spotlight. Performer / dancer comes out of a picture so as he experiences one ordinary day of Albert. Real is only the world in the mirror of surface of the water. The rest is just reflection. Darkness

*In the fallen silence I long to shout; in the fallen noise I gaze.*

About the company

Adam Holaš (b. 1975) studied at the Department of Nonverbal and Comedy Theatre of the Academy of Music and Drama in Prague. He is currently a teacher at this department which he also heads. Since 2008, he has been artistic director of the Experimental Space NoD. Since 1998, he has organized a regular single-evening mime-session series billed as Festiválek Jsem Spokojenej aneb (“I´m Happy, or...: A Pocket Festival”), held in Prague´s Aero Cinema. He is active as a stage director, lecturer and mime, and has been part of creative teams involved in several film projects (with Jakub Wagner, Ctibor Turba, and Boleslav Polívka). In 2011, he was awarded the Personality of the Year Award for 2010 by the Festival Next Wave, for his contribution to mime theatre, and his achievement in the artistic direction of NoD. His current endeavours are centered primarily around mime theatre stage direction, coupled with work as a dramaturge and teacher.

Petr Krušelnický (b. 1977), a.k.a. Antenna, studied at the Duncan Centre dance conservatory in Prague, and pursued his training with Prof. Ctibor Turba. He was previously a member of Alfred ve dvoře (Backyard Alfred) mime theatre, and of the theatre company Grotest Maru. He was involved in stage productions featuring the Japanese dancer Min Tanaka, and worked on several projects mounted by various theatre and art groups, including Griftheater, Big Art Group, Recto Verso, and many others. Apart from his commitments in the field of experimental theatre, he is actively engaged in mounting audio-visual projects in the sphere of analogue electronic media.

Apolena Vanišová (b. 1986) currently studies stage direction with Prof. Karel Makonj at the Department of Alternative and Puppet Theatre of the Prague Academy of Music and Drama. She has taken part in the making of several stage productions, including among others the international undertaking In a Flash of Lightning, mounted under the supervision of Heiner Goebbels. She has focused in particular on stage productions set in unorthodox venues, and on socially-targeted theatre projects. Over the last two years, she has worked on a triptych of texts for stage by Spanish playwright Carlos Be (a performance entitled Valentýn v Teatro NoD, a production mounted at MeetFactory in Prague under the title Všechno nejlepší, Phoebe Zeit-geist!, and installation at Galerie Puppenklinik, named Zavřeno kvůli soukromému večírku (Closed for a Private Party). Her creative approach is characterized by a strong emphasis on imagination. Rather than relying chiefly on the dramatic text alone, she has been concentrating on search for elements of drama through the process of setting up multiple layers of staged scenes and acting sketches.




Experimental Space NoD / Experimentální prostor NoD

Czech title


Names of authors

Adam Halaš, Petr Krusha, Apolena Vanišová

Name of director or choreographer

Adam Halaš

Length of the performance

50 minutes

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Contact person

Adam Halaš