Animal Exitus

Shock, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance or resignation. Those are five stages human beings undergo in the face of a trauma. “Trauma” in Greek stands for injury or wound. And one of the most painful wounds in our life is birth – in a way an expulsion from unity. The idea of our death or the death of our loved ones is close to this traumatic interpretation. It is at such moments that we fall apart in multiple selves which are then attacked by shock, experience anger, bargain with themselves, imprint into depressive traces and reunite in reconciliation. Inspired by the Stabat Mater, an essay written by Julia Kristeva,.

After the successful run of One Step Before the Fall, a performance probing the depths of exhaustion and Parkinson's Disease, Spitfire Company are back to balancing on the edge of the inner battle each person must fight to preserve their own dignity.

About the company

Spitfire Company is an artistic company that includes works of physical, visual and dance theatre. It is currently one of the most progressive ensembles of author theatre in the Czech Republic. The most important and characteristic aspects of the ensemble’s work are: searching of an original physical language of each particular performance, emphasis on experiencing performer’s state of being that generates very present emotions, finding new visual stimuli, dealing with a human’s limitation and his/her existential situation.

Spitfire Company - Animal Exitus (teaser) from Spitfire Company on Vimeo.




Spitfire Company

Czech title

Animal Exitus

Names of authors

Petr Boháč

Name of director or choreographer

Petr Boháč a kol.

Length of the performance

55 minutes

Number of travelling persons



Czech , English



Scale of venue


Contact person

Tereza Havlíčková