Snow White

Robert Walser‘s (post)fairy-tale drama Snow White deconstructs the comprehensive fantasies of reconciliations that lead to collective suppression of Snow White‘s, the huntsman‘s, and the Queen‘s trauma. The poisoned apple and the seven dwarfs imply a distant history, dubious to say the least. Walser‘s text is formally very specific, a poetry hard to translate into Czech. At the same time, its almost psychoanalytic dimension of his concept of the Snow White myth as a “recovery” ritual makes it as contemporary as it gets. Walser‘s reconciliation is then destroyed by a radical deconstruction of the fairy tale as introduced by Elfriede Jelinek. Her fairy tale is stylized as a philosophical discourse between a Heideggerian huntsman and an emancipated Snow White.

About the company

Studio Hrdinů Theatre was founded in autumn 2012 in a basement space in the Veletržní Palace Modern Art Gallery. The theatre focuses on auteur-style, directorial projects with an emphasis on cooperation between Czech and foreign theatre artists and on work that crosses boundaries of genre and field. In formal terms, Studio Hrdinů‘s productions are drama with an accent on the experimental and visual art side.




Studio Hrdinů Theatre

Czech title


Names of authors

Robert Walser / Elfriede Jelinek

Name of director or choreographer

Kai Ohrem

Length of the performance

65 minutes

Number of travelling persons



Czech , Subtitles available



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Contact person

Klára Mišunová