Say Something

Three women and three men conjure up an ever-changing web of relationships.
They talk to each other, yet not a single word is uttered: they communicate with rasps and growls, chattering, scat, whoops and hollers. A theatrical language develops that is something between speech and song, sound and movement. 

Because we are interested in speech and voices that express instincts and desires, not intellectual notions, we decided to leave out actual words and stick with sounds, rhythms and melodies. The voice breaks free of the body and of the real situations in which the people find themselves on stage. Often they attract us or repel us and we can’t describe why. All this is discussed in “Say Something“, discussed through speech, but without words. The audience observes a web of real relationships and relationships on the verge of becoming real, relationships that can last either a lifetime or a few quick seconds. Everything happens at once and so audience members must decide who to give their attention to. 

About the company

Boca Loca Lab is a creative platform for the realisation of theatre productions, scenic sketches and workshops. The group was founded in 2007 by Jiří Adámek, who has developed an original type of music theatre, in which he blends musically composed structure, stylized acting and a special approach to language (fragmentation and rhythm of words, play with semi-abstract accumulation of syllables and sounds). 




Boca Loca Lab

Czech title

Řekni něco

Names of authors

Jiří Adámek

Name of director or choreographer

Jiří Adámek

Length of the performance

60 minutes

Number of travelling persons



No language barrier



Scale of venue


Contact person

Maria Cavina