Humoresque in a movement based on Vančura´s novel Summer of Caprice. Let the atmosphere of the olden days embrace you. When men pursued health and hygiene in outdoor swimming pools, and spent their leisure time in idleness, discussing topics of world importance.
When a truly charming girl comes by the swimming pool, the story starts, and can’t be stopped – dammit! The world you are going to see is playful because play precedes actions. The affection of the two sexes is older than the mountains and seas, and play becomes a weapon in the ‘fierce fight’ for a girl´s favour. So come in, don’t hesitate to come in! The men say the water is warm. The weather is clearing and it’ll be hot at noon. The performance is loosely based on the novel by Vladislav Vančura. With ease and humour it presents the author’s poetic style. This is a humorous story full of movement that uses circus as a means of expression – juggling, tightrope walking and paired acrobatics.

About the company

The company Brothers in Trick was set up in 2012 when Kristýna Vlčková joined the duo Brothers in Trick. The three performers work with the techniques of modern circus, such as juggling, tightrope walking and acrobatics. The company performed at many prestigious Czech festivals and also performed abroad, for instance, at the European Juggling Convention in Joensu, Finland, and at Europe Day in Madrid.




Brothers in Trick / Bratři v triku

Czech title


Names of authors

based on Vladislav Vančura´s novel Summer of Caprice

Name of director or choreographer

Veronika Riedlbauchová

Length of the performance

60 minutes

Number of travelling persons



No language barrier


Adult , Children

Scale of venue


Contact person

Michaela Holbíková