Four three two one

Wordplay, play with sounds and utterances.

The group Boca Loca Lab works with experimental vocal theater, which combines minimalist theatrical means and musically composed structures. The performance Four three-two-one (2013) is based on a serie of short vocal works composed directly for Boca Loca Lab by the group founder Jiri Adamek and two Czech composers Martin Smolka and Michal Nejtek. Precisely rehearsed songs have scenic potential and requires musical precision and consummate artistic expression. An absurd communication between artists, three men and one woman, unites to a complex work. The performers move slowly between pieces around the scene, with pedantic precision displace instruments, notes and microphones. The woman during the evening diverts men away from the scene, so the quartet becomes a trio, duo … For the last piece (Japanese haiku text about slug) only the actress remaines on the stage  and the three men are accompanying her humbly from the auditorium. Martin Smolka (the co-founder of the AGON ensemble and the author of the opera Nagano) and Michal Nejtek (composer and pianist who also plays rock and works, for example, with the Plastic People of the Universe) have written “spoken scores” directly for Boca Loca Lab.

About the company

Boca Loca Lab productions are based on plays with words and sounds, rhythm, song, speech, and things half-sung and half-spoken. 

Boca Loca Lab group has been awarded various prizes, for example the international award Music Theatre Now for Ticks Ticks Politics (2006) in Berlin and the Prize for original theatre expression at the KONTAKT 2009 festival in Torun. Adámek was named Personality of the Year by the Next Wave Festival 2007 in the alternative theatre section for musical-scenic composition and its theoretical reflection. He received the award for best young director for The Europeans project at the 2012 MESS festival in Sarajevo. 

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Boca Loca Lab

Czech title

Čtyři tři dva jedna

Names of authors

Jiří Adámek

Length of the performance

50 minutes

Number of travelling persons



Czech , No language barrier



Scale of venue


Contact person

Maria Cavina