The Narrator

Highly physical, vocal and visual solo performance. Personal confession of a dancer, performer and singer Cécile da Costa is reflected in “The Patience Stone”, novel written by the French- Afghan author Atiq Rahimi, where a woman decides to tell "her story", only when her husband falls into coma. Cécile's life story is not the same with the story of that woman, but both have the same desire: to open up and tell their touching story.

About the company

Spitfire Company is an artistic platform that includes physical, visual, and dance theatre. It is currently one of the most progressive ensembles of author theatre in the Czech Republic. The works that are characteristic for the ensemble include features such as: emphasis of physical acting on the stage, experimenting with new theatrical features, existential imbalance of the figures, the trend of connecting different genres and finding new visual stimuli.




Spitfire Company

Czech title


Names of authors

Petr Boháč, Cecile da Costa

Name of director or choreographer

Petr Boháč

Length of the performance

60 minutes

Number of travelling persons


Awards and special mentions

Cena Divadelních novin 2016, Total Theatre Award 2017 (nomination)


English , French

Scale of venue


Contact person

Barbora Repická