Black Black Woods

“Jozef Fruček asked me if show that I want to produce, shall enjoy a success in Prague, or show, which shall infringe limits of the present performance art in general. Guess, what was my answer.” – Rostislav Novák Jr.

Kalevala, The Peloponnesian War, Dürer's Melancholia, Fruček, Kapetanea, Novák senior, Novák junior., Mantzoukis, Záveská, Musa, Athens, Prague, Cirk La Putyka, Rootlessroot, combat, tears, hug, embrace, alcohol, laugh, madness, childhood, old age, hyperactivity, support, 1948/1979/2016. Black Black Wood, place of meeting of the father and the son. Some rules cannot be broken; they already are in force for thousands of years.

About the company

Cirk La Putyka is an ensemble dedicated professionally to the contemporary Circus. We are trying to transcend the lines between acrobatics, contemporary dance, puppetry, concert and sport. We are striving to create our own specific theatre poetics and find a perspective on the genre as a whole. For Cirk La Putyka, the theme, the story and the message are as important as the professional approach to both - individual theatre genres and circus disciplines.




Cirk La Putyka

Czech title

Black Black Woods

Names of authors

Jozef Fruček & Linda Kapetanea

Name of director or choreographer

Jozef Fruček & Linda Kapetanea

Length of the performance

240 minutes

Number of travelling persons


Awards and special mentions

Czech Dance Platform - nominations: Czech dancer of the year (Rosťa Novák junior), The dance show of the year, Award for light design (Perikles Mathiellis)



Scale of venue


Contact person

Michal Sikora