The irrepressible desire to fly. A metaphor for all our expressed and unexpressed yearnings. Attempts which end in falls. Collisions which transmute the essence and the substance.
Focussing on the primal power of the body, freed of what is normally considered dance movement, the piece finds expression in the mounting energy of intuitively driven movement and in subconsciously familiar abstract images.
This fragile tale is an invitation to the borderline between destructive potential and exhilaration. 

Director, lighting and sound designer: Jan Komárek
Dance: Andrea Miltnerová 
Production: AM&C and Motus, producers of the Alfred ve dvoře Theatre Prague

Support: Czech Ministry of Culture, Studio ALTA, Život umělce Foundation and Prague 7 City District

About the company

The artistic duo of director, lighting and sound designer Jan Komárek and dancer and choreographer Andrea Miltnerová has been creating together for approximately six years.
He experienced the dark years of communism in Czechoslovakia where he was employed in various mundane jobs as well as following a keen interest in music and painting and at times performing as a clown and puppeteer. He emigrated to Canada and for over a decade lived and worked in Toronto where he formed Sound Image Theatre and created his own performances, combining movement, live music and lighting design. He also worked as a lighting and sound designer for other professional dance and theatre ensembles in Canada. He received several prestigious Dora Mayor Awards for Best Play, Best Set and Lighting Design and Best Music.
She was born of Czech parents in London, opted for a life of dance instead of sinology and came to Prague to dance with the National Ballet, consequently specialising in baroque dance and contemporary dance.

Their joint work is a combination of the instinctive, creative adventurer and aesthete and the perfectionist in search of the impossible, tinged by a touch of nostalgia and a ‘touch of class’. In their creations movement, light and sound are inseparable elements and are created together.




Andrea Miltnerová & Jan Komárek

Czech title


Names of authors

Jan Komárek, Andrea Miltnerová

Name of director or choreographer

Jan Komárek

Length of the performance

32 minutes

Number of travelling persons


Awards and special mentions

2016 European Move-Award quality label


No language barrier

Scale of venue


Contact person

Andrea Miltnerová