The House of Bernarda Alba

The famous drama from Federico García Lorca, The House of Bernarda Alba, has been transformed into a ballet by Marika Hanousková. Music composed by Petr Čermák.

Bernarda Alba has five daughters of marriage-age. They long for love and freedom but the mother wields total control over the young women. Only the house-maid, La Poncia, shows passion and freedom. When the eldest daughter´s fiancé comes into the family he changes the destiny of all… Choreographer Marika Hanousková was inspired by Mats Ek – she makes use of light and shadow on stage and the dance language is expressive.

“Hanousková´s stage settings and choreography concept is well worked-out, considered and impressive. The Liberec ballet company makes use of their skills.”
L. Dercsényiová

“The music of Petr Čermák follows the Spanish atmosphere of Hanousková´s choreography which is exempt from the academic ballet cliché. Marika Hanousková is a very young choreographer and her staging is dramaturgical and well worked-out.”
R. Vašek

About the company

F. X. Šaldy Theater ballet is the smallest ballet company in the Czech Republic with 15 professional dancers. The head of the company is dancer and choreographer Alena Pešková who puts emphasis on fact based story-telling ballets with a regional theme and powerfull stories. The House of Bernarda Alba is the second work of company member Marika Hanousková with music composed by Liberec composer Petr Čermák.




F. X. Šaldy Theatre Liberec / Divadlo F. X. Šaldy Liberec

Czech title

Dům Bernardy Alby

Names of authors

Based on F. García Lorca, Marika Hanousková, Petr Čermák

Name of director or choreographer

Marika Hanousková

Length of the performance

80 minutes

Number of travelling persons


Awards and special mentions

Nomination V. Radionova (Bernarda Alba) for Ceny Thálie 2014. 2nd place – public vote on 2015


No language barrier



Scale of venue


Contact person

Alena Pešková