A Midsummer night´s dream

Ballet comedy inspired by William Shakespeare

A puzzling tale of four lovers: Hermia and Lysander, Helena and Demetrius; King and Queen of the Fairies Oberon and Titania, and Puck, the elf who has a finger in every pie… Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream still remains one of the most popular comedies in the world.

The story is set in a forest, which Vamos depicts as an unknown country, a no one’s land, where the boundaries between nature and humans become fuzzy. Young men and women meet there at night – unaware that they may be enchanted by elves and witches. But they are soon overwhelmed by yet unknown feelings. In his ballet comedy, Vamos presents the original story as a harmony and chaos of two worlds – the world of people and spirits. The ancient and imaginary fantasy worlds shift into the history of today’s young people and their love troubles. It may the story of all of us.




The National Moravian - Silesian Theatre / Národní divadlo moravskoslezské

Czech title

Sen noci svatojánské

Names of authors

Youri Vámos according to W. Shakespeare

Name of director or choreographer

Youri Vámos

Length of the performance

135 minutes


No language barrier


Adult , Children

Scale of venue


Contact person

Pavlína Macháčová