Phrasing the Pain

A piece made-to-measure for the company 420PEOPLE by the reputed innovator Ann Van den Broek, among other things the awardee of the Dutch dance prize Zwaan. Phrasing the Pain is a piece for 7 dancers based on an original movement phrase, the pain phrase, used in the production I SOLO MENT (Ann Van den Broek, 2008). Movement springing from the feelings of pain and sadness one feels after losing a loved one, a friend, a parent, a child.  Stepping on stage, each of the dancers sets on a path of confronting one's inner emotions - from lust to aggression, from euphoria to apathy. Sorrow is an eye-opener, revealing unexpected forms and perspectives. A compelling choreography, transformative force, rhythm and intense emotions.

About the company

420PEOPLE dance company was founded in 2007 by former members of Jiří Kylián’s Nederlands Dans Theater, Václav Kuneš and Nataša Novotná, both of them dancers and choreographers insisting on the values of exceptional quality of performance and professionalism. Within 8 years of existence, 420PEOPLE have grown into a strong label, having built a stable audience community in the Czech Republic while concurrently touring around important international venues and festivals in Europe. The wide web of the company’s artistic collaborations reaches from Naharin to Kylián, from Teshigawara to Pite, Van den Broek and many more.





Czech title

Phrasing the Pain

Names of authors

Ann Van den Broek

Length of the performance

40 minutes

Number of travelling persons


Awards and special mentions

The Best Light Design Award (Czech Dance Platform and Light Design Institute Prague, 2015)


No language barrier

Scale of venue


Contact person

Marta Lajnerová