Package is a physical theatre performance, an example of when the genius loci of a given environment is summoned. Package was created by Shusaku Takeuchi for his group Bodytorium in the Netherlands in 1993. This work has performed in many places around the world, always adapted to the setting of the given location. Package is about the everyday office routine. About people who spend their lives in an office environment, their functions directed by a system: hierarchy at the expense of feeling, mood, personal initiative, and emotion. Package is a dream about just one moment, when in the face of every such law and limiting prejudice we are able to follow another path than that dictated by the rules. 

About the company

420PEOPLE are Nataša Novotná and Václav Kuneš. Both of them danced for one of the most prestigious dance companies in the world, the NetherlandsDansTheatre – a place where intensive collaboration with leading world choreographers and artists reaches a peak. Their dreams and intentions are to draw on the years they spent at the top of the dance world and present as much of this top experience in theCzechRepublic, and to share these experiences with Czech dancers and Czech audiences.



Czech title


Names of authors

Shusaku Takeuchi

Name of director or choreographer

Shusaku Takeuchi

Length of the performance

40 minutes

Number of travelling persons


Awards and special mentions

Václav Kuneš: Sazka / Theatre Newspaper Award, 2007/2008 and Nomination for Thalia Award, 2009 Nataša Novotná: Critics’ Award from Magazine Dance Europe, 2009 and a Thália Award 2008


No language barrier



Scale of venue


Contact person

Marta Lajnerová