Collective Loss of MEMORY

With 5 exceptional performers we will dwell into theme of incredibly powerful social phenomena. And that is the story of one of the greatest pleasures of human being-killing and participation in violence. We will examine this topic of everyday experience through history of art practice and especially through it appearance in fine arts and cultural criticism.

It will be study of provocation that does not touch the obvious, but examine subtle aspects of human behavioral evolution and what kind of evolutionary pressures we passed and passing through in today’s unprecedented lifestyle oriented only towards selfish momentary pleasures.“

About the company

DOT504 Dance Company – physical dance theatre company – is characterized by high technical level, creativity and distinctive personalities among creators and interprets of each project.

Blurring of boundaries between theatre and dance is one of the main characteristics of the company together with an emphasis on the creative contribution of the dancers and their technical and interpretive level.





Czech title

Collective Loss of MEMORY

Names of authors

Jozef Fruček&linda Kapetanea

Name of director or choreographer

Jozef Fruček&linda Kapetanea

Length of the performance

60 minutes

Number of travelling persons


Awards and special mentions

COLLECTIVE LOSS OF MEMORY won the Czech Dance Platform 2015 and also the Audiance Award



Scale of venue


Contact person

Claudia Nasliová