An exhibition, seminars and a new book commemorates one hundred ...

Several institutions are going to commemorate the 100-year anniversary of film and theatre director Alfréd Radok (1914-1976). Their programme will be presented at the press conference, which takes place on Wednesday, 19th November 2014 at 2pm in the Small Hall of the Arts and Theatre Institute.

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Gala evening on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Ballet ...

It has been fifty years since Luboš Ogoun, Pavel Šmok and Vladimír Vašut announced the birth of Studio Ballet Praha, the predecessor of the Prague Chamber Ballet. The gala evening, which takes place on 16th November in the Estates Theatre in Prague, commemorates this anniversary.

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New space for theatre and art Jatka78 in Holešovice: Cirk La ...

The new theatre and art space Jatka78 (Slaughterhouse78) in the Prague marketplace in Holešovice commenced its activities by the free big “slaughterhouse” happening with many participating companies and artists on 5th November.

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Naive Theatre in Liberec celebrates 65 years of existence. It ...

The Naive Theatre in Liberec celebrates 65 years of its existence. It is still one of the best theatres not only in puppetry. It stages 360 performances a year with about 55,000 viewers.

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